Follow this link to my interactive story about the institutionalized racism memorialized in the building names at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I began work on this project after student protests began at UNC about renaming Saunders Hall, a building named for a North Carolina KKK leader. It started as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) project, but I realized that to tell the whole story, I would need to go further.

The original maps (see below) were created using ArcMap after I researched and assembled the data from UNC’s Virtual Museum. To create them I used a “viewshed analysis” to show which campus buildings were visible from certain viewpoints.

When I decided to rework my data I redid the full campus map and created more graphics in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, I made an interactive timeline with the tool Timeline JS and built a webpage to hold all the pieces together.

Here is a slideshow explaining the GIS work I did, from data collection to mapping. For a more detailed look, click here to see my presentation on the step by step GIS process.