Campaign 2016: Battle of the Social Media

There are already four declared presidential candidates for the 2016 election cycle: Democrat Hillary Clinton with GOP contenders Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. The electorate has the next eighteen months to learn each candidate's stances on important issues. But these candidates are already taking clear positions on what matters most to today's voters: their social media presences. Who is killing it on the interwebs and who is already behind? Let's take a look.


Rand Paul

Rand Paul needs to work on his caption game. #timestamp

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio has been googling himself a lot recently.

Ted Cruz

There is a Ted Cruz for President intern who thinks putting large text in different fonts over dramatically filtered photos is just the coolest.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary's instagram presence is fun but not very topical...maybe because @hillaryclinton was already taken and @readyforhillary is private. Fortunately, the other Hillary Clinton seems like a person worth getting to know!

On the Ground

Of course, social media is only part of a well-rounded candidate's strategy. Click on the markers to see where candidates are already campaigning.

Note: This map is a best attempt to document every campaign stop but it is not comprehensive.